TorinoFilmLab 2016. - Script&Pitch, AdaptLab and Story Editing

While approaching the end of another successful year we are happy to inform you that the calls for entries for Script&Pitch, AdaptLab and Story Editing 2016 are open! Here below you will find a short description of each programme & the deadline for applications:

Script&Pitch is an advanced script development course for scriptwriters and writer/directors from all over the world developing original fiction feature films. It is aimed at projects at an early stage of development and it comprises 3 workshops, 2 on-line sessions and a final pitch at the TFL Meeting Event. Deadline for applications: October 30th, 2015.

AdaptLab is an advanced course designed for international scriptwriters and writer/directors willing to develop a book-to-screen adaptation. The call for entries is dedicated to two different groups of participants that will follow the same course:
- Call for participants applying withadaptation projects (for which they need to have secured the rights)
- Call for scriptwriters wishing to develop projects which will be adaptations of novels pre-selectedby the TorinoFilmLab, allowing the writer the freedom to explore the adaptation process and develop their craft. Deadline for applications: December 1st, 2015.

Story Editing is a hands-on training for film and media professionals willing to refine their editing skills in the development of original or adapted fiction feature film projects. We select up to a total of 6 Story Editing trainees who join the workshop process of either Script&Pitch or AdaptLab. Every story editor trainee works on the 4 projects of the group he/she is assigned to, under the constant supervision of the tutor. Story Editing aims at forming skilled professionals that have a hands-on knowledge on how a project can be developed at its best to meet the international market and audience. Deadline for applications: December 1st, 2015.