Natpe Budapest 27-30 June 2016

NATPE is the most important and timely market and conference in the CEE region that uniquely creates value for producers, studios, and international distributors.  With emphasis on regional content, NATPE  will  provide fresh opportunities for the local region’s creative, production, and distribution communities.
NATPE returns to the great city of Budapest to introduce the NATPE Budapest 2016 Market & Content Summit, further demonstrating our continued belief in the strength and growth of the Central & Eastern European (CEE) region.
Set to take place at the InterContinental Hotel from June 27-30, this strategic move delivers NATPE back to its Budapest roots, the thriving central hub of the CEE.
NATPE has repositioned this premiere event to deliver an unparalleled market experience comprised of international distributors who will embrace the showcased local production that is timely and exclusive to the CEE regionon this global stage.
NATPE will introduce a NEWmarket floor, NEWconference sessions and NEWscreening opportunities, plus several NEWinitiatives:
•We’ve listened to CEE experts regarding regional issues and this market will reflect and serve those needs
•We are partnering with local producers to showcase fresh local CEE content directly from creators, providing new buying opportunities
•Introduction of new and exclusive formats
•Hollywood studio pluslocal content screening opportunities
•Ambitious new sessions – with major influencers that add new value for participants
NATPE has repositioned and tailored the Budapest market to deliver what the CEE region wants most:
Exclusive: First look at Hollywood studios shows soon after the LA Screenings
Exclusive: A showcase of fresh local CEE content & producers
Exclusive: Hollywood studio PLUS local content screening opportunities
Exclusive: The introduction of new and exclusive formats
Exclusive: CEE Local Producers Lounge
•Featured content from international distributors
•A social market that enables one-on-one engagement
•You’re in control.  It’s your market.  It’s your summit.
Those registering* prior to March 16, 2016 will receive HUGE incentives. Please contact Mrs. Elina Nesterovafor more information.
Elina Nesterova
Buyers Network Director / Europe
Mobile:   + 33 7 83 94 17 72

ExclusiveCEE Producers Access
Producers Lounge
Dedicated space designed exclusively for YOURcontent screening, meetings and deal making.
•Offered exclusively to all regional CEE producers*
•Exclusive shared spacewith dedicated tables, seating and WIFI
•Monitored access badges required
Independent CEE Producers
•Special badge rate for local CEE independent producers

NATPE Budapest Encourages Collaboration
With coordination and outreach, NATPE helps drive membership to local producer organizations by:
•Provides unique new opportunities for associations by creating relevant partnerships that are unique to their membership.
•Facilitates coordinated outreach to CEE creators, producers, and buyers who benefit from an event dedicated to their needs.
•Provides a showcase for best programs in the region.
•Producer organizations gain credit for a partnership that creates new value.
•Delivers a strong business proposition – by developing undiscovered value and decision-maker connections to members that are new to this timely event