Multiple revenue stream training for future films

EWA Network is delighted to announce its call for applications for: Multiple Revenue Stream Training for Future Films (MRST4FF), an innovative training course, which was launched during a presentation at the Creative Europe Day on the occasion of the 2015 Berlinale. The course addresses some key challenges faced by producers today:
- how to reach and build audiences from development phase,
- how to combine public and private financing and create new business models, thereby generating multiple revenue streams, and
- how to make the most of new technologies to achieve this.

One of the biggest concerns for busy producers is how to combine the time required for developing a project and how to acquire new skills to ensure that the project is as successful as possible, both in terms of reach, impact and capital generation. MRST4FF has been constructed so as to accompany a producer/content creator with a project they are developing and ensure that the business strategy for the film is solid and optimal from the start.

Over an 8-month period, the 15 selected participants will attend three intensive short workshops and submit monthly assignments on targeted projects between each of these, with feedback from their designated tutors. Tuition will include a variety of masterclasses, panel tuition and one-to-ones. In addition to the three key tutors:
- Emily Best (Seed & Spark) – crowd-funding expert;
- Andy Green (Distrify Media) – online distribution expert; and
- Kobi Shely – online marketing and new technologies for distribution expert,
a large group of trainers will be giving targeted training classes. These include:
- Ido Abram of the Eye Centre, Amsterdam;
- Laure Vaysse from Motion Picture Capital;
- Josephine Rose from Wiggin;
- Eva Morsch-Kihn from EDEN and
- Gavin Humphries (Quark Films and Skillset) and many more.   

Beginning in Glasgow (end June 2015), participants will learn how to develop a crowd-funding campaign tailored to their project’s needs and using online marketing; will increase their knowledge of financial packaging for their project and will discover what makes for a good and or bad film trailer.   
In Amsterdam (end October 2015), they will be trained about how to successfully pitch to brands, will discover what legal clauses must be included in brand contracts and will speak to agency experts who will advise as to which brand is most suitable for the project in question.
Finally in Barcelona (end January 2016), marketing strategies, trailers and new business plans will be analysed and producers will be given the opportunity to pitch their projects to online distributors and traditional distribution experts.

The total course cost is €1800 (including food and accommodation during the workshops and monthly online training using Cisco Webex). Two scholarships will also be made available. Out of a total 15 participants, a selected two places will be reserved for international students (from non-Creative Europe member states).

If you would like to find out more please see:
or contact our Training Project Manager Aurélie Grenet at:
Link to the application form: carpeta/ApplicationForm_MRST4FF.pdf
The course deadline is 15 March 2015 (midnight CET) and applications should be sent to: