Multi Platform Business School 2013

Multi Platform Business School (mpbs) course, will take place in Ronda, Málaga fromAugust 5th to 09th, 2013.The deadline for applications is June 28th.
This programme can be very useful for the professionals in the film industry who want to know more about to address the gap in relation to crossmedia production and business practices, and to maximise the IP value in their projects.
mpbs is a project-based, tutorial and consultation driven course, which focuses on the business aspects of creating cross-platform content.
mpbs is designed for participants to develop their skills in creating crossmedia strategies and building sustainable business models for projectswith trans-media potential. mpbs is led by Michel Reilhac, former Head of Film Acquisitions at Arte France and Executive Director of Arte France Cinema.
mpbs offers content producers and executives ways of maximising their projects’ intellectual property (IP) value by developing cross media financing, production, marketing and international distribution strategies,with an emphasis on how to appeal and engage audiences and brands and maximise a project’s commercial value. 
mpbs is geared to producers, company executives and creators of audiovisual content (film, television, Internet, games and mobile) with a proven track record.  Open to participants from around the world. Participants apply with a project and are invited to bring members of the projects creative team to the course.