Media Business School

Media Business School, a UE-funded organization that offers training and networking for European film and entertainment industry professionals, is offering a 30% discount off on the course fees for this year’s editions of the Marketing & International Distribution (m&id) and the Masters in European Audiovisual Management (Mega Plus).

MARKETING & INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION (M&ID) creates a practical environment for participants to understand, devise and apply traditional and digital-driven marketing and distribution strategies to their course projects, as well as identify audiences and understand consumer behaviour, identify new and niche markets and business models, and devise market and festival strategies.
This programme will take place in Ronda (Southern Spain) from July 20th to 24th and it is composed of lectures, group tutorials, individual meetings, case studies and networking activities. The five-day and project-based course fees are €1,800 and includes accommodation, all meals included in the course programme, transfer from/to Malaga airport, accident insurance and an optional online consultation module after the residential period). For more details, please visit contact

MASTERS IN EUROPEAN AUDIOVISUAL MANAGEMENT (MEGA Plus)is aimed at 25 young professional producers, offering specialised training in Audiovisual Business Management and Content Production. During the course, participants will develop a business plan for a project or a company. The residential period is composed of 10 weeks of plenary sessions, group tutorials and individual meetings with experts; The online consultation period, comprising individual and group tutorials with industry professionals and tutors, and internship in an entertainment company run in parallel over 6 months; The Final Evaluation Week (mega FEW), including the assessment of the final project proposal by a panel of international industry professionals, concludes the training cycle of mega.
During the residential training in Ronda (Málaga, Spain), participants will attend plenary sessions, group tutorials and meetings with active professionals of the international media industry. The pedagogical breakdown of the course reflects this objective and includes the following modules: development and script analysis, management, business planning, financing strategies: both for project and company, legal aspects, budgeting, production planning, multiplatform marketing, distribution, cross-media, TV industry, international markets, sales and acquisitions.
In addition, participants will get the opportunity to create a network to develop their own professional career with the support of over 50 international experts. The course will provide more than 1,000 hours of theoretical and practical training. For more details, please visit contact Ana Laguna, the course coordinator at