MBS professional networks - M&ID and MEGA Plus

We are proud to announce that the Media Business School, a UE-funded organization that offers training and networking for European film and entertainment industry professionals, is offering a 30% discount off on the course fees for this year’s editions of the Marketing & International Distribution (m&id) and the Master in European Audiovisual Management (Mega Plus). We are sending you a brief description of both programmes and would very much appreciate if you could help us spread the word among your associates and/or industry colleagues by means of your website, social networks, emailing, etc).
MARKETING & INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION (M&ID) creates a practical environment for industry professionals to understand, devise and apply traditional and digital-driven marketing and distribution strategies to their course projects (actual film projects), as well as identify audiences and understand consumer behaviour, identify new and niche markets and business models, and devise market and festival strategies. This programme will take place in Ronda (Southern Spain) from October 19th to 23rd and it is composed of lectures, group tutorials, individual meetings, case studies and networking activities. For more details please visit http://mediaschool.org/programmes/midmarketing-international-distribution/or contact me at mid@mediaschool.org
MASTER IN EUROPEAN AUDIOVISUAL MANAGEMENT (MEGA Plus)is a ten month, project-based master’s programme that provides specialised training in audiovisual company management and content production. In addition to the residential training and development of a business plan, MEGA Plus offers the development and production of a short audiovisual project which will allow participants to have a direct and hands-on experience on a specific production while also challenging their creative skills. It will kick off in September 21st, in Ronda, Spain. For more details, please visit http://mediaschool.org/programmes/mega-european-master-in-audiovisual-management/or contact Ana Laguna at mega@mediaschool.org