Vanja Jambrović

Katančićeva 3
10000 Zagreb

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In 2005 graduated Philosophy and Comparative Literature at Faculty of social sciences in Zagreb and in 2011 graduated Film production at Academy of drama art in Zagreb. Started working in films in 2002, organizing film festivals and as production assistant. Since 2008 works exclusively in film production as an independent producer and executive producer. In Restart also working for several documentary film projects – Masterclass in Dokukino and Restart Laboratory – production program for young authors.    


2012 Gangster of Love– documentary, director: Nebojša Slijepčević
2012 Manly Film– documentary, Restart, 13 minutes, director: Nebojša Slijepčević  
2012 Sisak Forge  - documentary, 30 minutes, director: Goran Dević
2010 Don Juans: Excuse me Miss –  documentary, 42 minutes, director: Goran Dević
2009 Happy Land  – documentary, 50 minutes, director: Goran Dević