Tena Gojić


Tena graduated in production at the Academy of Dramatic Art and comparative literature and philosophy from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb. So far she has produced short feature films during her Academy studies and in Kinoklub Zagreb. She has participated in workshops for the development and placement of audiovisual projects (Midpoint, Breaking Ground, CineVision...). She is a member of Croatian Association of Film Workers. She works as a project associate for Kinorama, Petnaesta umjetnosti and MaXima Film.


2015 / No Wolf Has a House/ Hana Jušić / short fiction
2015 / You Dreamt You Were Happy / Ivana Škrabalo / short fiction
2015 / Fantastic / Ivan Sikavica / short fiction
2014 / Manjaca / Tin Žanić / short fiction
2014 / Semifinals / Tomislav Šoban /  short fiction
2014 / Shut Your Windows / Filip Peruzović / short fiction
2012 / Terrarium / Hana Jušić / short fiction
2011 / Komba / Tin Žanić / short fiction