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Siniša Juričićfounded Nukleus association in 2003, Nukleus Film Croatia in 2009 and Nukleus Film Slovenia in 2012. He graduated acting in 1990 and film production in 2009 from the Academy of Drama Arts in Zagreb, Croatia. Prior to Nukleus fully consumed his focus and time, he worked as the journalist, editor and producer at Radio 101, which was one of the most influential radio stations in the territories of ex-Yugoslavia. He was also founding member of Omladinska televizija (Youth TV - OTV) working as one of the producers and later in charge of programming. During the war in former Yugoslavia served as the news and documentary producer for Visnews (todays Reuters TV), ZDF, BBC Radio and Television and Nippon TV, which is the biggest private TV network in Japan. As the part of the BBC team that produced «Fighting the Peace» film, won annual British award for best documentary. In 1998 together with director Vinko Brešan, produced 11' film in 360 degrees technique, film that represented Croatia in Lisbon at EXPO 98 exhibition. Film was screened by over one million viewers. Sinisa's focus is on producing films and helping talented filmmakers from the EEC to achieve their full international potential. The passion remains in the film, although he is preparing for his first cross-media production. Regularly receiving international film awards and funding for films, both at home and internationally. Recently lecturing documentary production and project management at the Academy of Drama Arts in Zagreb and High College of Samobor and doing case studies at EURODOC, Co-production Market Leipzig and exOriente training programs. In 2012 awarded with annual "Albert Kapovic" award of Croatian Producers Association for contribution to the promotion of Croatian film.


2014 Mitch - the diary of the schizophrenic patient, documentary
2013 Velvet Terrorists, documentary
2013 Kismet, documentary
2012 Sofia's Last Ambulance, documentary
2010  Cycles - Vladimir Gojun, documentary
2009 Laundry - Nicole Volavka, short fiction
2009 Cash&Marry - Atanas Georgiev, documentary