Maša Udovičić

Luma film
Babonićeva 43
10000 Zagreb
GSM: +385 (0)91 8821600


Maša Udovičić, producer and managing director at Luma Film in Zagreb, worked as an animator and compositing artist for more than 19 years in Belgrade, Budapest and Zagreb. Over the years she was involved through different activities in producing numerous international commercials and TV series at Varga Budapest, Roczkov Studio and Bold Studio Zagreb. She produced 9 short animated films and gets involved in continuous education related to all types of filmmaking in Croatia and internationally, including most modules of Cartoon Media programme. Main focus of her activities is working in 2D animation projects with strong illustrations. Member of HRUP and ASIFA Croatia.


2010. My Way, Veljko Popović, Svjetlan Junaković, Bold Studio Zagreb
2011. Monster Master, Zvonimir Haramija, Bold Studio Zagreb
2012. Little Red Riding Hood, Once More, Ana Horvat, Bold Studio Zagreb
2014. Koyaa, flower, Kolja Saksida, Bold Studio Zagreb
2015. Conversation, Ana Horvat, Luma Film
2015. Off Belay, Siniša Mataić, Luma Film
2016. Gamer Girl, Irena Jukić Pranjić, Luma Film
2017. Rebel Girls, Maša Udovičić i Juliana Kučan, Luma Film
2018. Red Apple, Ana Horvat, Luma Film