Ljubo Zdjelarević


Zinke Kunc 3b
10 000 Zagreb
GSM +385 (0)95 9037754



Filmmaker, director and producer Ljubo Zdjelarević was born in Nova Gradiška in 1981. He graduated History and Geography at the University of Zagreb on the thesis "Film in Nazi Propaganda from 1933 to 1939." Ljubo is also a Sarajevo Talent Campus 2007. alumni as well as an EAVE (European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs) 2012 graduate.
He studied Film and Theatre Production at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. Since 2005 Ljubo worked on various audiovisual projects as a production assistant, assistant director, executive producer and producer. As part of the One Take Film Festival team he acted as a producer and executive director.
In 2009 he founded independent production company Kinoteka Ltd that focuses on developing and producing documentaries, feature films, animation and multimedia projects, as well as TV commercials. He attended various domestic and international workshops such as Cartoon Finance, Sarajevo Talent Campus, the Motovun Film School, etc. Ljubo is a member of the Film Artists' Association of Croatia and Croatian Association of Producers.


2016. Working Class Culture, T. K. Gudac, D.Kapac, T. Gaćina, documentary series, 6x26 min
2016.  ZG80, Igor Šeregi, feature film, 90 min
2015.  Hunter and the King, Vjekoslav Živković, animated short, 7 min
2012.  Ivo, Nikola Strašek, short film, 20 min
2012.  Chillin', Luka Rukavina, short film, 15 min
2011-15. Generation Y, A. Tardozzi, P. Orešković, T. K. Gudac, T. Šoban, F. Peruzović, documentary TV serial, 40x26 min
2011.  Spots, Aldo Tardozzi, feature film, 93 min
2009.  Silence of the Sea, Vjekoslav Živković, animated short, 13 min