Lidija-Katarina Matančević Preradović

Žuti dol 20
10000 Zagreb

GSM: +385 (0)91 5155676


Born on September 20, 1970 in Zagreb. Graduated production at the Department of the Academy of  Drama Art. Since 1996 is producing program for children and youth at Croatian television on TV projects Turbo limach show, Žutokljunac, Briljanteen, At the end of the street, Little Big World, Sporterica, Take Five, The Secret Diary of Duck Matilde, documentaries co-produced with the EBU with: First time at the sea, Here today gone tomorrow, My teddy bears..., music shows and festivals Hrtić hitić, Croatian Children's Festival, broadcast classical music: Zvučnjak, Joy of  Music,  Christmas story; first assistant of music producer of  Porin 2003 (Croatian record music award). Member of Croatian Association of Film Workers and the Croatian Association of Producers.