Irena Škorić

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Irena Skoric graduated film and TV directing at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb. She directed a number of short fiction, documentary and experimental films, and one feature fiction film. Her films have participated in numerous local and international festivals and won 50 prizes. She is the author of the book Eros on film.  She was awarded for her short story The Weekend at the 45th Ranko Marinkovic Competition, and for her drama Libreto she received the second Marin Drzic Prize for dramatic works of art. Her short fiction film Farewell (2008) won 20 awards, and was selected for 14th Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean and in Istanbul as part of x-op exhibition and project and was candidate for Student Oscar film award, and was in selection at San Sebastian and Warsaw film festival etc. Her documentary The Destiny of Line 13(2009) won Audience award at Zagrebdox 2010 and Platinum - Best documentary award at WorldFest, Houston, 2010 and Best documentary at film festival in Verona. Her film March 9th(2010) got award for the best short by the Federation of Film Critics of Europe and the Mediterranean (FEDEORA), at Pula film festival Croatia 2010, Best short at Cinema City, Serbia, 2011, and Best short fiction award at Euroshorts in Warsaw 2010 etc. 7 seX 7(2011) is her first feature fiction film , it was in official selection at Montréal World Film Festival and won awards in Houston and Verona. She produced two features: 7seX7and The Bridge at The End of The World.


2011. "7 seX 7", feature film, 87 min, director: Irena Škorić
2014. "the bridge at the end of the world", feature film, 110 min, director  Branko Ištvančić
2014. "MIDNIGHT GRAY", short fiction, 15 min, director Branko Ištvančić
2010. "SCREENPLAY FOR ORDINARY LIFE", short fiction, 15 min, director Irena Škorić
2013. ''I love YU'', short fiction, 15 min, director Irena Škorić
2012. "HILLS VILLAGE, 21000, Split", documentary, 61 min, director Silvio Mirošničenko
2014. "SHIPBUILDING SCULPTOR", documentary, 30 min, director Branko Ištvančić
2014. "IN WHICH FILE SHOULD I PUT MY HEART", experimental, 15 min, director Irena Škorić
2010. "OUR LADY OF ILAČA", documentary, 40 min, director Branko Ištvančić
2014. ''DEAR LASTAN'', documentary, 60 min, director Irena Škorić