Hrvoje Osvadić


Domagojeva 14
10000 Zagreb


Hrvoje Osvadić was born 1973 In Osijek, Croatia. From 1999 he worked as freelance Producer on Film, TV and Theater. He is co-founder and Producer of FAK (Festival of A literature). 2004-2009 worked as Executive Producer at RTL Television Croatia, produced 80 TV Shows in more then 25 countries. From 2009 he is co-owner of Production Company Petnaesta umjetnost for Film and TV Production. He is member of the Croatian Producers Association and the Croatian Film Workers Association.


2010. Ironworks, directed by Goran Dević, in production, documentary
2010. Blue, directed by Zvonimir Jurić, in pre-production, short feature
2010. The Flood, directed by Goran Dević, documentary 40 min
2009. Don Juans: Excuse Me Miss, directed by Goran Dević, documentary 42 min
2004. Sex, Boose and Short Fuse, directed by Boris T. Matić, Zvonimir Jurić, Antonio Nuić, feature, 75 min
2003. The One Who Will Stay Unnoticed, directed by Zvonimir Jurić, feature film 90 min
2003. Lucky Kid, directed by Igor Mirković, feature documentary, 95 min