Dijana Mlađenović

GSM: +385 (0)91 2051294


Graduated law at Law School in Rijeka and production at Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. First work experience, gained in system of justice and then, from 1999 to 2008 she manages a cinema company in Pula. Parallel, as a freelancer, she participates in production of TV and film projects as well as  in organization and art direction of  several film festivals.


2010-2011. THE ADVENTURE OF GLORIA SCOTT, directed by Tvrtko Rašpolić, animation, 6’
2010. FREELANDER, directed by Goran Rušinović, feature, 90’
2009-2010. BOUNDLESS, directed by Ivan Bormann, documentary, 50’
2009-2010. HOW WE ENTERED EUROPE, directed by Ines Pletikos, documentary, 50’
2009. ŠPANSKO-THE CONTINENT,  directed by Ivan Sikavica, short, feature, 8’
2008. THE OBSESSION, directed by Matija Debeljuh, short, feature, 20’
2006. RON BROWN, directed by Nebojša Sljepčević,  documentary, 45'
2005. G,D,A,E, directed by Petar Orešković, documentary, 30'