Ankica Jurić Tilić


Štoosova 25
10000 Zagreb
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Ankica graduated from the University of Zagreb – study of Comparative literature and French literature. At the moment, she is involved in PhD cultural studies at the same University. She produced more than 20 features, number of shorts and several TV series. Ankica is also a graduate from EAVE programme 2007. and member of ACE and Producers Network de Cannes and Producers on the Move 2009. She is a member of European Film Academy, Croatian Association of Film Workers and Croatian Association of Producers.


2015. Zvizdan, director Dalibor Matanić, feature film
2015. Patrola na cesti, director Zvonimir Jurić, TV series
2014. Ljubav ili smrt, director Daniel Kušan, feature film
2014. Kosac, director Zvonimir Jurić, feature film
2014. Ničije dijete, director Vuk Ršumović, feature film
2014. Inferno, director Vinko Möderndorfer, feature film
2013. Hitac, director Robert Orhel, feature film
2013. Šuti, director Lukas Nola, feature film
2013. Zagonetni dječak, director Dražen Žarković, feature film
2012. Nedjeljom ujutro, subotom navečer, director Predrag Ličina, TV series
2011. Koko i duhovi, director Daniel Kušan, feature film
2011. Ćaća, director Dalibor Matanić, feature film